Wal Commander GitHub Edition 0.18 released

The version 0.18 is out. Precompiled binaries are available on the Downloads page.


  • ‘cls’ command clears the whole terminal (‘clear’ still works as expected on Linux/OSX)
  • command line switches on Linux (run ./wcm -h)
  • hotkeys in dialogs (use Alt+highlighted letter)
  • numpad keys support while NumLock is disabled
  • option to turn on/off the 3D UI (buttons, etc)
  • show ‘(Root)’ in the window caption while running with root privileges
  • show inner/trailing spaces in files/folders as the · character (option)
  • show spaces in input fields as the · character
  • xprop can report a class name for WCM windows

New hotkeys

  • Ctrl+M to open “Open with” popup
  • Shift+Tab to switch between controls in dialogs


  • behavior of Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]
  • CR/LF handling in the editor on Linux and OS X
  • Ctrl+E/Ctrl+X behavior with autocomplete
  • default font on Windows is Consolas 12pt
  • handling of ‘cd’ command
  • hotkey colors in the default theme are now readable in dialogs
  • Linux icon is now in the .png format
  • Shift+arrows selection in panels is now similar to Far Manager
  • show program info in the task manager on Windows
  • terminal scrolling via a mouse wheel
  • window size selection on fresh install


  • buffer overruns in SFTP and SFTP2
  • buffer overruns in the editor
  • commands color in the terminal
  • crash in Alt-search
  • Ctrl+Left in the editor never skips the beginning of the line
  • Ctrl+Right in the editor never skips the beginning of the line
  • editor search bug
  • ESC key closes the main menu
  • focus on main menu if opened with a mouse
  • handling of ‘/’ character while using Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right in the editor and edit lines
  • multimask file associations (separated with commas) were not working properly
  • tab size edit line location in Options -> Editor settings
  • tab-order in the file associations dialog
  • wrong device context for child windows
  • Russian localization


  • Debian package building
  • disabled level 4 warnings
  • fixed many compilation warnings
  • fixed MinGW cross-compilation
  • Qt Creator configs for OS X


Source code: https://github.com/corporateshark/WalCommander