Wal Commander GitHub Edition 0.18.1 released

The next version 0.18.1 is out. Source code is available on GitHub. Precompiled binary packages will follow shortly.


  • file highlighting
  • speed indicator while copying
  • color and icon (optional) for soft links
  • copy multiple selected file names to the clipboard
  • option to disable setup auto saving
  • option to show/hide the main menu
  • show ‘(Administrator)’ in the window caption while running with admin privileges on Windows
  • show volume label in the drive selection dialog
  • user menu (F2)
  • status bar for Alt+… keys in the editor

New hotkeys

  • Ctrl+L to open info dialog
  • Ctrl+S to select file (same as Ins)
  • Ctrl+F12 to select sorting mode


  • eye-gouging borders in the main menu
  • icons centering in the panels


  • hotkeys in the drive selection dialog
  • up/down in Alt-search
  • numpad Ins and numpad Del
  • keyboard hotkeys in the ‘Folder shortcuts’ dialog


  • configs and makefiles moved to the root folder
  • command line option –debug-keyboard to print keypresses
  • INSTALL_TO variable to change the installation path


Source code: https://github.com/corporateshark/WalCommander