Wal Commander GitHub Edition 0.17 released

The next stable version of our Wal Commander GitHub Edition 0.17 is out. Major features include command line autocomplete using the commands history; file associations to bind custom commands to different actions on files; and experimental support of OS X using XQuartz. A lot of new hotkeys were added in this release. Precompiled binaries are available for Windows x64. Linux, FreeBSD and OS X versions can be built directly from the GitHub source code.

Major features


  • share search text between all search and search-n-replace dialogs
  • indicator of the current sorting order in the panel
  • taskbar hints for the Alt key
  • option ‘Select folders’
  • F3 calculates the size of multiple selected folders
  • hotkeys in the main menu
  • option to hide ‘..’ in the root folder (hidden by default)
  • separate settings to show folder icons and executable icons
  • option to show current path in the command line (enabled by default)

New hotkeys

  • Shift+Enter to start command without the terminal
  • Ctrl+Tab to switch between editor/viewer and panels
  • Ctrl+O in editor/viewer shows the terminal terminal
  • Ctrl+F to paste the full name of the currently selected file/folder to the command line
  • ‘5’ on the numpad calculates the size of the selected files
  • Ctrl+U swap panels
  • Ctrl+Del in the editor and edit lines
  • Ctrl+BackSpace in the editor and edit lines
  • Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] paste a path from the left/right panel to the command line
  • Ctrl+Enter in Alt-search moved to the next file
  • Ctrl+G apply command to the selected files


  • Alt-search editline repaints correctly
  • mouse wheel support
  • FreeBSD support
  • editor cursor is now Far-like and blinking
  • save per-file scrolling positions in the editor
  • inaccessible paths bring you to the root folder or to the drive selection dialog
  • panel footer text (less garbage, info on free space)
  • show other panel’s full path in the drive selection dialog
  • show a save setup dialog
  • default color style is more alike Far Manager


  • vertical lines in Full panel modes
  • command line is now black
  • numpad Enter
  • cursor position in the panel after deleting files
  • switching language while in Alt-search closes the search editline
  • bug with the first letter in Alt-search
  • save/restore panel paths on Windows
  • save the configuration on exit
  • place cursor on a newly created folder
  • sorting modes are the same as in Far Manager


  • added CMake and Code::Blocks configs
  • can be compiled with Clang
  • added Windows x64 builds

Disabled most of the 3D UI
Disabled auto indent in the editor


Source code: https://github.com/corporateshark/WalCommander