Wal Commander GitHub Edition 0.19.0 released


  • Shift+Enter opens a file/folder with the default OS application
  • bookmarks in the editor (set via RightCtrl+digit, restore via LeftCtrl+digit)
  • adjust font size with Ctrl+WheelUp, Ctrl+WheelDn (Windows-only)
  • basic SSH keys SFTP authorization
  • temporary panel
  • mark truncated file names with the ‘}’ symbol in panels
  • store FTP passwords between sessions
  • folders history (Alt+F12)
  • file attributes dialog (Ctrl+A)
  • command line autocompletion shows file/folder names from the current folder
  • pressing F3 on ‘..’ calculates the size of the current folder
  • typing in the viewer opens the search dialog
  • maximize window (Alt+F9)

New hotkeys

  • Ctrl+Alt+Ins, Alt+Shift+Ins, Ctrl+Shift+P to copy the full path of the currently selected item to the clipboard
  • Ctrl+R to refresh the drives list in the drive selection dialog
  • Ctrl+NumPadPlus, Ctrl+NumPadMinus to select and deselect files with the same extension


  • ‘cd’ in the command line without arguments should change directory to $HOME
  • hotkeys in the F2 user menu
  • hotkeys in all ‘red’ dialogs
  • retain cursor position after F5/F6 etc
  • rendering of items with Unicode names (normalized Unicode strings)
  • C++11 highlighting in the editor


  • button bar text in the editor
  • hotkeys in the ‘Styles’ dialog
  • OpenBSD support
  • installation issues
  • TrueType fonts antialiasing
  • debug messages in the console
  • mouse interaction bugs
  • graphical issue in the current path under the panels
  • hide the autocompletion window while switching via Ctrl+Tab to the editor/viewer
  • panel width after exiting the editor with Ctrl+Tab
  • pressing Alt+key freezes Ctrl/Shift info in the bottom bar
  • custom highlighting rules for selected files
  • shortcuts in the text search/replace dialogs
  • long path truncation in the drive selection dialog
  • selection color in the viewer


Source code: https://github.com/corporateshark/WalCommander