Multi-platform open source file manager for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X

WCM Commander 0.20.0 released

The version 0.20.0 is released. The list of changes and the source code is on GitHub Precompiled binaries are available on our Downloads page.

Wal Commander GitHub Edition 0.19.0 released

Added Shift+Enter opens a file/folder with the default OS application bookmarks in the editor (set via RightCtrl+digit, restore via LeftCtrl+digit) adjust font size with Ctrl+WheelUp, Ctrl+WheelDn (Windows-only) basic SSH keys SFTP authorization temporary panel mark truncated file names with the ‘}’ symbol in panels store FTP passwords between sessions folders history (Alt+F12) file attributes dialog (Ctrl+A) command line autocompletion shows file/folder names from the current folder pressing F3 on ‘..’.. Read More

Wal Commander GitHub Edition 0.17 released

The next stable version of our Wal Commander GitHub Edition 0.17 is out. Major features include command line autocomplete using the commands history; file associations to bind custom commands to different actions on files; and experimental support of OS X using XQuartz. A lot of new hotkeys were added in this release. Precompiled binaries are available for Windows x64. Linux, FreeBSD and OS X versions can be built directly from.. Read More